it's time to focus on marketing that matters.


You finally found a marketing person who gets it.

Are you...

… I can help with that.

stop fishing! navigate the marketing seas with confidence. No more guessing.

Together, we'll reel in success and focus on the marketing that matters by:

Saving You Time & Money

Leave behind overpriced, messy marketing ventures and create organized and proactive marketing with the use of effective planning and reporting.

Building Confidence

Understand your marketing so you can feel confident in the return on your investment.

Extending Your Reach In The Community

Manage your reputation and ensure that your marketing reflects the brand you want your customers to see.

Increasing Your Sales & Customer Loyalty

Attract your ideal customer by understanding their problem and letting them know how you are the best company to solve it.

Relieving Stress

Know your marketing is handled, leaving you free to focus on the parts of your business that are most important.

Kate Weed Lucky Fish Marketing

still doing diy marketing? I get it.

Access my FREE marketing resources below to get a head start.

Marketing Audit Checklist
Marketing Checklist

Recognize what you’ve accomplished & figure out what needs to happen next.

Instagram Hacks
10 Instagram Hacks

Use this handy guide to revamp your social media marketing.

Marketing Plan Template
Marketing Plan Template

To take a deep dive into your business goals and how to reach them.

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Here’s how it works:

Book a Discovery Call

We'll discuss your needs and ensure we're a good fit for each other.

the audit

It's important to understand where your marketing is at and get a benchmark so we can measure success.

Get to work

We'll develop a strategy that fits your goals and make a plan for you to implement it, whether that’s done in-house or by hiring quality vendors.

Analyze Your Data

Numbers don't lie, so we'll check in, review your reports, and figure out what's working and what needs a different approach.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Watch as your new marketing plan streamlines processes and utilizes your resources effectively.

Lucky Fish Marketing Tempe Arizona
Lucky Fish Marketing

Meet Kate!

I spent the first half of my career in “traditional” media, working in the fast-paced world of TV and radio. As social media became popular in the late aught’s, I was drawn to the ability of creating one-on-one connections while still sharing content on a mass media platform. I worked my way up to Marketing Director and led marketing teams across several companies.

I saw over and over that business owners needed not just a Marketing Director, but a marketing advocate to help educate them and give the insights they needed to make great marketing decisions. Someone who could push back on vendors who were underperforming, or instill confidence in an internal team who is exceeding industry expectations. 

Once I saw this need, I wanted to help more than one business at a time. 

Say goodbye...

To the need for a full-time Marketing Director (and their $136k per year + benefits) and work with me instead.

For a fraction of the cost, you’ll get:


Kate Weed Lucky Fish Marketing
A highly qualified professional with Marketing Director skills


Lucky Fish Marketing
Month-to-month contracts


Lucky Fish Marketing
No long-term commitments


Kate Weed Lucky Fish Marketing
A custom approach to your business marketing needs

as companies grow, so does the complexity of their marketing. isn't it time to get clarity?

Schedule a FREE 30-minute session today. I can give you ideas, solve a marketing problem, or give you a second opinion on marketing advice or proposals. 

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