Marketing Services
That Get Results

Leave behind the stress and frustration of marketing, and get ready to start winning in business!

Marketing Services That Get Results

Lucky Fish Marketing Services

Leave behind the stress and frustration of marketing, and get ready to start winning in business!

Kate Weed Lucky Fish Marketing Services

Lucky Fish Marketing Services

Business owners deserve better than overpriced marketing agencies, unreliable vendors, and full-time marketing directors that are out of their reach.

It’s time to start investing your marketing dollars in a service that gets you actual results.

We’ll work together to create a marketing strategy that takes your business where you want it to go. I’ll show you how to:

  • Get streamlined reports that give you data that matters. 
  • Interpret data to make meaningful decisions for your business – and feel confident doing it. 
  • Get organized and be proactive in your marketing
  • Get the right people into the right places for an effective team that works like a well-oiled machine. 

I’ll give you everything you need to feel confident in your marketing decisions, so you get back to focusing on your business.

There's a better way!

You’ve probably looked into other options for marketing and found your choices to be hiring a marketing director, marketing agencies, or DIY marketing. 

At $136k per year plus benefits, full-time marketing directors are a commitment that is out of reach for many companies. 

Marketing agencies have a reputation of overpriced services, unreliable vendors, and generic solutions that don’t work for every business.

And then there’s DIY marketing. When other options fail or are too expensive, many businesses will try to do it themselves. But even this doesn’t typically bring the results they were hoping for. Instead, they end up with a lot of time spent on ineffective marketing, which takes away from their ability to focus on their business.

Marketing Services Tempe AZ

I offer all the benefits and experience of a full-time Marketing Director without the cost, hassle, and long-term commitment. 

I provide month-to-month contracts, so you are never stuck if you’re ready to move on. 

I act as a guide helping you plan, organize, and navigate your marketing, and create a custom plan that works for your business. 

I am your advocate with vendors. I make sure your current vendors are keeping up their end of the deal and if they aren’t, I’ll help you replace them with quality vendors who will.

I value education and give you the knowledge you need to be confident in your understanding of marketing plans, reports, and decisions.

Together we will work on:



We'll do a full review of your marketing to identify what's working and what isn't.


Using the information from the audit, we'll determine the best way to focus your resources to reach your goals.

Plan & Calendar

Plan & Calendar

We'll determine the steps you need to take and put them on a calendar to show you what you need to do and when.

Manage Venders & Internal Resources

Manage Vendors & Internal Resources

We'll take a hard look at your vendors and ensure you are getting what you paid for. We'll also make sure you are utilizing your internal resources effectively.

Data Reporting

Data Reporting

We'll give you the tools to create reports that give you the data you need to monitor your progress.

Data Interpretation

We'll check in regularly to go over the data and figure out what's working and what isn't.

Ready to learn more?

This proven cycle works because DATA DOESN'T LIE.

Every time we evaluate your data, we’ll get a clear picture of what’s working – and what’s not. Plus, I’ll teach you the skills you need to do it independently. 

Are you ready to stop wasting time and resources on strategies that aren’t working? It’s time to leave your old marketing behind and build a relationship with a marketing guide and advocate you can trust.

Take a look at how I've helped other companies just like yours:

Want a glimpse of what we'll work on together?

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