Building Materials Outlet Marketing Case Study

“You have to check out the Handyman’s Candy Store” our neighbor said to my husband one day. “It’s this huge warehouse with tons of discontinued and overrun materials like doors, windows, and stuff and most of it is discounted.” Well, like we all, my husband pulled out his phone and Googled “handymans candy store.” It took him several minutes to figure out the place was “Building Materials Outlet” but customers had nicknamed it the Handyman’s Candy Store.

The next problem? Their website was broken. We eventually found their address and made our way to the warehouse. I asked for the manager and that’s when I met Denise. She knew the website was broken, but didn’t know what to do next. She explained that even if we got the website back up, it wasn’t that good and the staff weren’t excited to share it with people.

Within a few months, not only had we fixed the website, but we’d made it one that the staff was proud of. After building that trust, we launched a regular email campaign to promote new inventory. The staff has now created their own Instagram account and loves sharing photos and sending customers to the website!

Building Material Outlet
Building Material Outlet

Website Traffic Improvement Year over Year

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