Garn & Mason Case Study

Orthodontic Case Study

I was referred to Dr. Garn and Dr. Mason by their website vendor. Like many entrepreneurs, Dr. Garn and Dr. Mason had built a successful business but had been cobbling their marketing together and was feeling like their competitors were beginning to get an edge online.

They knew they needed to step up their marketing game, but they were so busy keeping up with their patients that they needed another resource who could improve patient engagement during COVID-19 and increase referrals from dental offices while still prioritizing the acquisition of new patients.

We came up with a comprehensive, year-long campaign that celebrated their 60th year in business and checked all of their business goals.

We re-launched their social media with a local vendor who worked ahead to give the busy doctors plenty of time to review content. Instead of implementing a new system, we used their current patient platform to send out emails and texts saving them both time and money. 



Dental office referrals: +33% vs 2020


New patients: +21% vs 2020


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Social Media Improvement Year over Year

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